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 4.9        37 Verified Customer Reviews


Couples massage - We were the first to have a couples massage in the new space. We each had a great massage, and the space is very relaxing. We highly recommend it!


Fulfilled Great Expectations - I had tried several different therapists before Lanigan Massage. After an easy booking process, I was ready for my appointment with Doreen. She was very thorough in her explanations and very sensitive to my expectations of the experience. She continually made me feel comfortable. Her work on my muscles was perfect. Her knowledge of the body was insightful. She was very atune to the areas that needed extra focus. When I left, I felt relaxed, fluid, and rejuvenated! I will definitely go back.


Amazing! - Denise and her techniques have been of great help to me with varies health issues I have had willing recovering from surgery.


Highly Recommended - Denise has provided thorough and expert deep-tissue massage for me for a number of years. She listens carefully to my requests and is always professional. Her understanding of the body is complete. I appreciate her eagerness to always learn more about her profession. I highly recommend Denise.


The Best - She is the absolute best!! I knew that, but I have been reminded again of how good she is. I was gone for 6 weeks this summer, and now she is getting my body bback in balance. She really makes a difference!


Total body work - An excellent body work. Including deep tissue treatment. I will recommend anyone who would like total body work, Denise will be the one and only.


Incredible talent - Denise was able to release my hips and lower back to give me movement once again. It is an intense massage but well worth the time. I have been told by many athletes that she is the only one to help. Now I understand. Amazing talent.


A+ for Denise - Denise has healing hands! I've had the wonderful opportunity to visit her twice when I've come home to visit from college and each time I've been incredibly impressed. By massaging out the muscles with intense pressure and stretching/popping you back into place, you'll leave feeling much healthier and balanced. Be prepared for a tough massage, I love the strong pressure - she knows how to get the knots out!


immediate results - Denise produced immediate results with issues that had been bothering me for a long time. She listened to exactly what I needed and addressed the problems with great success.


true deep tissue massage - She addressed several issues for me. I left with more flexibility in my knee and am continuing to improve. Thanks Denise


What else can I say - Denise is the best. I always feel revived after one of her sessions. There's a reason why she's booked out so schedule your appointment today!


Good for my neck - I had my first massage with Doreena and my neck feels SO much better! She really seems to know what she is doing.


The Best - Denise is great! Her skills far surpass the average massage therapist. I went to her for a sports injury and she immediately knew what I needed and skillfully proceeded to give me a treatment that exceeded by expectations. 24 hours later the pain began rapidly subsiding and today I'm getting back to normal. Thanks, Denise!


Very Knowledgable - Denise knows her stuff! She can get to muscles no one else can. She also explains her techniques as she does them so you understand how your body as a system works, I would highly recommend her to anyone.


New Body - Denise is knowledgeable, wise and combines the best of stretch and massage to make you feel like you have the body you were born with.


none better - Ignore the groupons and one-off deals and go see Denise for yourself to find out why she's the best in the area.


Wonderful! - Wonderful massage! Denise really knows anatomy and is in tune with the body. So she does what the body needs. Totally healthy and relaxing.


The best! - I had my first session with Denise last week and she gave me hands down the best massage I have ever received. I would recommend her to anyone!


Fantastic! - Denise really knows what she is doing! The combination of muscle release, lymphatic drainage and relaxation was so great. I had no idea I had so many tension filled areas until afterwards. The massage left me filling great and renewed...


The best! - I have been going to Lanigan for about 6 sessions. I spend a lo of time traveling and play professional sports. My body is a true wreck by the time my monthly massage comes along. Lanigan has strong hands to get all my kincks out and makes my body feel like new. If you care about your health and not just a relaxing massage than this is the best place ever! It's not a massage its body work for your life. Thanks for helping me take care of my body!


Excellent and through massage. - Denise really knows how to work all the muscles that are causing the pain and tightness. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to have a "real massage." She does many different techniques that other massage therapists do not use. She seems very confident in what she does.


Very good massage - This was my first deep tissue massage. Denise is great. She takes her time and is very knowledgable. It was a very good experience and I will definitely be scheduling another massage with her.


Truly Effective - Denise's massage was truly effective in alieviating the pain and tension in my neck/back. I have never had a massage like that! I hope that I can get on her schedule again!


Awesome Massage - Every time I go to Denise for a massage, I marvel at the feeling I have when I leave. All of the tension and tightness in my muscles and joints goes away. I have had serious back issues in the past, but after getting massage therapy, the issues are practically gone. I highly recommend Denise.


If you think it can find better... - you're wrong! Denise always delivers a quality, thorough massage like no other. She has the innate ability to locate a problem and work it out! Highly recommended!


Deep tissue work - I've been massage treatment through many specialists and Denise's treatments are few that I can trust and feel comfortable. Her enthusiastic attitude and thoroughness make customer happy.


Intense But Very Effective - I was unfamiliar with the term "orthopedic massage," thinking deep tissue was about as far as things went. Not so. Denise's serious-level technique takes some getting used to, but it's well worth the the process of acclimating to how she fixes problems - in my case flexibility, neck and upper back. It is a process, too, and improvement in flexibility occurs over a period: as areas loosen up, she can do more things. If you're willing to spend the time you'll be very pleased with the results.


No More Aching Back! - After an hour and a half with Denise, my back felt great. The combination of massage techniques really worked. She also gave me great tips to keep my back pain free.


Best anywhere! - I've moved around quite a bit, and had massages in Alberta (Canada), Ontario (Canada), Hawaii, Arizona, as well as around Pittsburgh. Hands down, Denise is the best, I alway feel complete relief after a visit and the results are long lasting.


Exceeded Expectations - Denise exceeded my expectations whcih were already high. Denise was recommended by a trusted associate and she did not disapooint. I am looking forward to my next appointment.


Best in Pittsburgh - Between working an office job and living a very active lifestyle outside of work, my body requires the best when it comes to massage therapy. Denise has always fulfilled that role and made me feel like new! I've been to others, have paid more for others and yet noone compares. I don't know what I'd do without her! Highly recommended!


Best Sports Massage - I am an avid cyclist and runner, and when my muscles and joints get over worked, Denise puts me back together better than new. I've tried others (when Denise was unavailable), but there is no comparison... Denise is the best!


Denise is a cure all - Denise was a very critical component to curing my back pain and sciatica She is dedicated, dependable and a pleasure to spend time with. Highly recmmended


Best of the Best - With out a doubt the very best I have ever had !!!!!!!!!!! this is all the time I have right now. Please accept this short report for now.zzzzzzzzzzzzz


Great massage - I love the massages. it is really therapeutic, I have very tight hips and lower back. Denise is well trained and skilled in pushing my body to release the tension in these areas. I have experienced less discomfort in physical labor and whilst sleeping. She is a really great therapist and far above what one usually receives in a massage. Truly a great value!


Great REAL massage therapist - Denise is a fantastic massage therapist. Her experience and understanding of the body are second ton none. I have had therapists all over the world and she is tops.


True Therapeutic Massage - I have literally traveled around the world and gotten massages in many different countries. Denise gives the best massage that I have ever received. I need deep work and Denise delivers.
Reviews from before Genbook
Goal: Management of chronic pain; Self-care  
I have been experiencing pain is my right hip for over 13 years. The pain was intensified any time that I ran so consequently, I stop running and participating in Triathlon’s. Two years ago I began to run again and the hip flared up. This time, I persevered and dealt with the pain. I have been talking to Denise about getting a massage for quite some time and I finally made time to do it. Boy, am I glad I did. After just 6 treatments, even though I am pushing my speed with my running, my pain is gone. My hip is still a little stiff and I recognize I need to continue to work with the hip and stretch it, but it really is a blessing to be without pain in that hip. I can’t wait to see what she does for my neck! -- Maggie Schneider
Goal: Management of chronic pain; Relief of acute pain; Relaxation 
I have an injured vertebra, C5, and have been receiving massage therapy from Denise for the last year. Denise’s skill has provided lasting relief. Denise has conducted herself in a professional manner and with a high degree of skill and knowledge. -- Rob Woodings 
Goal: Management of chronic pain 
I am a runner and cyclist. I had reached a point from my training and racing where I was constantly at the physical therapists being treated for injury after injury from all the stress I had been putting on my body. I was referred to Denise by a friend of mine. I have worked with Denise for over a year now, and I have not had any injuries since starting to work with her. In addition, most of my nagging aches and pains are gone. With her help, I have been able to get back into my regular training schedules and my times are starting to drop to where they were 3 years ago. I recommend any athlete who trains hard and wants to avoid injuries before they happen to visit Denise for her therapeutic massages. -- Bill Orr 
Goal: Management of chronic pain; Relaxation 
Over a year ago, I had such pain and limited motion in my right shoulder that I was ready to visit an orthopedic surgeon. I was sure that I had torn a rotator cuff and would need surgery. Although I tried massage therapy months earlier, nothing seemed to work. Fortunately, I visited Denise Lanigan before visiting a surgeon. Denise evaluated my condition and I began a series of weekly massages to address the problem. Within a month, the pain had decreased significantly and my range of motion had improved by 50%. All the pain was gone within two and a half months, and my range of motion was equal to, if not better than, my good arm. Since that time, I have maintained a massage schedule of once or twice a month and have been helped with smaller aches and pains. Denise is very knowledgeable and professional, and I recommend her highly. -- Chester R. Babst
Goal: Management of chronic pain; Stress management; Relaxation; Self care 
Denise Lanigan has changed my life. I have been a road warrior for more years than I would like to remember. Stress related pain from too little exercise and too much travel have plagued me for the past ten years. I kept getting therapeutic massages that cured the symptoms temporarily, but never addressed the underlying causes. Denise introduced me to "bodywork" and I experienced relief from pain and range of motion that changed my outlook on everything. Denise is a healer. -- Jim Glessner 
Goal: Management of chronic pain; Self-care
For me, Denise has provided what seems to be a miracle. I went to her several months ago with severe chronic pain, of unknown origin, following injections, CT scans, MRIs and two back surgeries. I was resigned to chronic pain, with a limp, living on medication, tired, and unhappy. I have been to Denise once a week for several months, and today I am just about pain free, have no limp, hardly take Tylenol, and am energized and happy. Indeed a new woman, now taking better care of myself and attending yoga classes, which were impossible prior to my massage therapy. -- Diana Jannetta 
Goal: Management of chronic pain; Relaxation; Lymphatic boost; Postural change; Self care; Energy balancing 
 Denise Lanigan provides the best bodywork I have ever received. I have sought massage for the past 15 years to control chronic back pain due to severe stenosis and a synovial cyst of the lumbar spine. Not only has Denise helped me maintain the active lifestyle that I enjoy (biking, skiing, hiking, camping and canoeing), but MRI results greatly improved while under her care. The cyst has resolved and the stenosis has changed from severe to moderate. And the relaxation factor . . . I find myself counting the days until my next session with Denise! -- Kathy Cypher 
Goal: Management of chronic pain; Relief of acute pain; Rehabilitation of an injury; Relaxation; Stress Management; Self care 
 My name is Whitney Snyder and I am a tennis teaching professional and tennis coach in Pittsburgh, PA. Over the past several decades, I’ve played and taught tennis on the professional level. This sport has lead to multiple musculoskeletal and soft-tissue injuries. I have been to many physical therapists, massage therapists, chiropractors, and a host of other specialists. I must say that Denise is in a class of her own. She is extremely dedicated and understands the entire body. It is her passion to get her clients out of pain and back to their lives. She is thorough, conscientious, and very positive. Denise gave me specific exercises to do, hooked me up with a nutritionist, and sold me a stretching devise that has really targeted what I need to work on. I know for a fact that she will help you to recover, relax, and change your life for the better. Massage therapy is an absolute must with this gifted, special person. She’ll get you back in the game of life, I promise. -- Whitney Snyder, tennis professional and coach
Goal: Relaxation; Long-term health 
 Stress and emotional upheaval had crept into my life and I needed to get back to basics. Focusing on long-term health I realized that tension was distracting me from a healthy diet and exercise routine, rendering both ineffective. I needed to relax! Friends had mentioned yoga and meditation to me. Being unfamiliar with both I doubted my ability to achieve a calm, relaxed state necessary to do either. However, I knew it was a necessary first step. I sought out Denise Lanigan thanks to an enthusiastic referral from a friend of mine in the massage therapy industry. She worked with me extensively to come up with a plan that addressed my needs and concerns regarding relaxation with the ultimate goal of returning to an exercise regimen. I am happy to report that I have experienced a total reversal on my original perceptions of not being able to relax. Additionally, I had the unexpected joy of learning the strong connection between the mind and the body's ability to heal itself. The hot stone massage and lymph drainage therapy Denise implemented was right on the mark. Our pre-service discussions customized every visit based on what my stress level was at the time. Thanks to Denise's commitment to my needs and the scope of her expertise, I am well on my path to recovery and long term health! -- Mary Gott

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